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Grants consultant & freelance medical writer.

Presents your message with intelligent data and words. Works independently with accuracy, attention to detail, and speed.

Helps you gain funding, publication, and notice.

Serves non-profit, healthcare, and academic clients.

Grants & Publications Specialist

Introducing your work through a grant proposal or publication is a major endeavor. Success means that your exceptional work is communicated clearly.

How we can work. Beginnings vary, as work styles do. Quite often, I'll hear your goal and dilemmas. Then, we'll study the RFP, journal guidelines, or peer review comments as an outline and write from there. Most projects last from 3 to 12 weeks.

My job is to free your time and mind. My role is to weld facts, data, references, and confusing requirements. Also, track funding climate, fresh opportunities, and new rules. My focus is enhancing the product to its very best.

If your need is aligned with my skills, then let's work toward a greater purpose.

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Services & Specialties

    Federal grant proposals.

  • Deepest expertise with HRSA, NIH, CDC, and HUD.

    Contract procurement

  • Written responses to state/city-issued RFIs, RFQs, RFAs.


  • Content for websites

  • Internal handbooks and documentation

  • Marketing reports and publications


  • Manuscripts for publication

  • Proposals for revise/resubmit

Each writing project sought to resolve a question or problem.

Results create real, measurable benefit. Programs, research, publications. Portfolio »